Bebeji Wooden Kid Playground J9007

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Bebeji Wooden Kid Playground J9007

It is made from natural pine wood. It is completely impregnated to increase the durability of the wood and ensure its longevity. Water based varnish with EN71-3 test report is applied for compliance with child health. Corners and side edges are rounded against the risk of collision in accordance with child safety.
It is suitable for using outdoor.


Playground Equipments

1 pc of H:100 Stairs

1 pc of H:100 Slide

1 pc of H:150 Spiral Slide

2 pcs of H:100 Towers

2 pcs of H:150 Towers

4 pcs of Platforms

2 pcs of Roofs

14 pcs of Fences

1 pc of Porch

Installation Area:

W:590 cm

L:710 cm

H:320 cm

Safety Zone:

910×790 cm



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