Bebeji Wooden Kid Playground Fire Station Themed J9198

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Bebeji Wooden Kid Playground Fire Station Themed J9198

Are you ready to explore? The Fire Station-themed Wooden Park invites children to an unforgettable adventure, making them feel like real heroes! With its captivating design, the park captures attention, while its slides and swings elevate children’s excitement to the peak. Bringing to life the atmosphere of a fire station, it sparks children’s imagination and exploration spirit to the fullest. Not only focusing on entertainment, but also fostering children’s social skills, the park provides parents with complete peace of mind with its use of protective materials. This unique wooden park not only brings smiles to children’s faces but also helps them create lasting memories.

It is made from natural pine wood. It is completely impregnated to increase the durability of the wood and ensure its longevity. Water based varnish with EN71-3 test report is applied for compliance with child health. Corners and side edges are rounded against the risk of collision in accordance with child safety.
It is suitable for using outdoor.


Playground Equipments

1 pc of Large Stairs H:150

1 pc of Slide H:150

1 pc of Fire Station Logo

1 pc of Metal Pole

2 pcs of H:150 Tower

2 pcs of Platform

2 pcs of Roof

2 pcs of Swing

2 pcs of Stair Covers

10 pcs of Tower Covers

Installation Area:

H:330 cm

L:620 cm

W:485 cm

Safety Zone:

685×820 cm



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