Bebeji Six Olympic Trampoline J7886

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Bebeji Six Olympic Trampoline J7886

The steel construction is made of 40 x 40 profiles and covered with sponge and pvc.
1100 denier 650 g protective pvc material is used in the coatings.
For the safety of children, the panels are knitted with nets.


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PVC Cover

It is absolutely waterproof resistant to UV rays.

Upholstery Sponge

Upholstery Sponge is a flexible polyurethane foam that comes in many different densities and thicknesses.

Protection Nets

The pretection net is made to protect chilren from falling while playing


The jumping mats are made of phirfertex. The heavily woven fabric is WV-protected to preverent fadinf when used out of doors.

Trampolines Springs

Chrome-plated, superb quality and durable.


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Installation Area:

774X864X300 cm



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