Bebeji Cushion Set J6560

Bebeji Cushion Set J6560

Suitable for use in children’s playgrounds, gymnastics centres, kindergartens and nurseries.
It helps children to develop their muscular system and increase their movement skills.
The product is soft and harmless for children.
MDF frame and sponge are used inside the product.
450 Denier PVC tarpaulin coating is applied on the outside.
It is wipeable and zipped.

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Installation Area:

120x300x60(h) cm

2 U Cushions: 60x30x30 cm
2 Sport Cushions: 60x120x6 cm
2 Piece H Cushion: 60x30x60 cm
1 Piece Ramp Cushion: 60x60x30 cm
1 Piece Rectangular Cushion: 120x30x30 cm
1 Piece Cylinder Cushion: 120×30 cm



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